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Dear member of the ISCM,
   It was nice seeing in Luxembourg. Enclosed is my paper, as it was read at the general assembly. Many of the delegates requested a copy. I hope that this issue will be able to be raised and discussed next year. An understanding of the boundaries between Art & Entertainment is needed if we want to be succeed in fighting the invasion of entertainment in our countries.  more

   Mikhail Goldstein
Memoirs (fragments)
The Editor thanks the Sikorski Publishing House for putting the material at our disposal.
   M.Goldstein tells the reader the scandalous story of the "Symphony" which, according to Goldstein, was falsified by him and attributed to an absolutely unknown Ukrainian landowner of the early 19th century, an Ovsianiko-Kulikovsky as the 21th symphony by the latter. At the time of Stalinist terror, the Ovsianiko-Kulikovsky was declared the founder of Ukrainian symphonism. Later, Goldstein revealed the falsification, but for a number of musicologists, the story so far remains very doubtful.

In order to found the truth the Editor is awaiting the readers' feedback and is ready to publish any opinion of the matter.

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